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Never miss an issue

At Big B Barrie we have a proud tradition of offering our subscribers the most reliable and cost-effective subscription service you will find. To us, a subscription service is about one thing: a promise that you will never miss an issue on your pull list.

We take this pretty seriously and go to great lengths to ensure accuracy in ordering your comics and pulling and holding them for you when they ship. We really mean it!

Additional perks you get at no charge:

  • A custom email in your inbox every time something you’ve ordered ships;
  • Easy subscription management in person, via phone, or email;
  • Tracked purchases mean we can always help you when you can’t remember what you’ve already bought.

All this and we offer it 100% free of charge

Subscribers are required to come in at least once a month to purchase all pulls. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time and without warning if you fall behind. So don’t fall behind, please!