We already know you love comics. We also know you love deals. Who doesn't love deals?

We sure do. That's why we have the Big B VIP Rewards Card.

It's simple and easy. Sign up in store for free. Every time you buy a graphic novel you will earn 10% of what you spend as store credit. We keep your credit safe for you until you buy 10 graphic novels. Buy the 10th and you get all that store credit as a big lump sum. Achievement unlocked.

As an added bonus, your VIP rewards card is good for 10% off the sticker price on graphic novels at other Big B Comics locations.

Buy what you love and save money doing it. That's what it's all about!

Rewards program applies only to new, full price graphic novels. 10th graphic novel must be bought within 1 year of first to qualify. Earned store credit can only be used towards other new graphic novels. See in store for more details.

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