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"Hi Big B friends!

Not sure who will be reading this, but thanks to you all!.... Brad, Jeremy, Alice-Ann, others (?)  You guys do a great job and Ben and I love you all for it!  It is so nice to have a great, local comic shop.  Keep up the good work!

Have a great day!
Kurt (and Ben!)"

"Dear Big B,

My son will be four years old in June, at his bed time I was having a hard time reading children's books as they were just not fun to read. What was really sad was that I was always trying to get out of reading to my son until one day I was driving and saw "Spider-Man".

I went into Big B Comics thinking basically "this place will be a dump" but when I went inside I was blown away, my eyes were just looking everywhere trying to soak in as much as possible. Now you had me hooked with my eyes but will the service be bad? No way! The employees were so helpful, nice, and full of knowledge! I'm going to tell you that I have never in my life been to a store where I was treated so good. Just amazing people you have at that store.

I will be a long time customer.

Thank you,

Cory Veri"

"Hi I buy comics from Big all the time and your vintage toys. I just bought a x men 94 and fantastic 112 sent well over 600 bucks . So I brought some vintage toys in to your store today looking for story credit . Well I got so low balled by a *censored* named mark . This guy has no cue about vintage toy or comics books at all . I'm a large toys dealer for year I've talk to you people all the time at the big show so I now what I'm doing. So back to the *censored* name Mark he was rude and un willing to negotiate at all . I would never hirer some like that to sell or buy for. Well I will ever buy from your again if mark still work there and I let people know at the toy shows that your employ mark is a low balling douche bag.Thanks Bryce"

"Hello, just wanted to write this thanking you for your friendly service when I was in your store last Saturday.  I was down from Sudbury and I'm really happy with my 2 Harley Quinn statues.   Looking forward to future purchases."